XSA-B360 Stylish height adjustable folding shower seat wall mounted for comfortable shower


Use: Shower chair allows individuals i.e. seniors/elderly or anyone with limited mobility or injury to sit during shower. Create a relaxing shower experience; allows fall risk individuals to shower independently. It has passed the static test and life cycle test according to ISO 17966:2016. Features: 1. High Quality & Durable - The height adjustable shower seat is made from reinforced UF materials and attach onto a vertical wall track made in solid aluminum. It can hold up to 150kgs.The hydraulic damper kits makes the seat soft open. 2. Height adjustable-Height adjustable with a sturdy, durable aluminum wall track allows users to adjust chair based on specific references. 3. Saving Space -This foldable shower seat can remain in the down position or be folded neatly away when not in use. It saves you lots of space in your bathroom. Helps saving space efficiently, great for tiny bathroom and toilet. 4. Easy Clean: The shower seat is made of UF hard plastic with sleek coating, it is smooth and keeps your body hygienic and can be easily cleaned with non abrasive cleaning products.