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Welcome to the world of BISON and WD-40!!

Established in 1969, Gulf Mechanical Engineers & Suppliers (GMES) is the leading supplier of products and services to construction sites ,oil fields, general industries, and ship stores. GMES specializes in maintenance-related products and activities, as well as construction adhesives. The conveniently located showrooms at Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer full range of products & services at short notice. GMES is exhibiting Bison adhesives and WD-40 products @BIG 5 and with best industrial practices GMES is one of the preferred suppliers for the Joineries and MRO segment.

WD-40:   About WD-40 - Watch the video 


BISON is the leading brand in the adhesive and sealant products category, and has the best solutions for every household Repair, Maintenance, Modelling & Construction jobs. 

Indispensable in the factory or joinery, at the construction sites, and for professionals; as well as at home, in school, in the office, when outdoors, for DIY, and for for numerous applications in industry.

BISON’s full range of high quality, easy to use and innovative products will help in BONDING, FIXING & SEALING. 

BISON promotes sustainability in production as well as with its products. 

Well-known products are Poly Max®, Montage Kit® and Bison Kit®. 

Other than the industrial range, Bison also has household range of super strong and long term adhesives for quick repair like super glues, material specific glue and universal adhesives and sealants.

Bison is in part the basis for every job because of the unparalleled product range of technical, universal as well as specific products.

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