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With nearly than 3.500 member companies, Assindustria Venetocentro is the second largest entrepreneurial associations in Italy. It is member of Confindustria – the Confederation of Italian manufacturing and services companies. Today, the associated companies are mainly small and medium size enterprises located in Padua and Treviso (North-East Italy).

Padua and Treviso are among the most dynamic, developed provinces in Italy. Although SME, companies are mainly small and medium size enterprises, but still highly specialized, innovative companies, representing different sectors:                                

  • Wide sector of mechanic/ mechanical engineering 33% 
  • IT services 18% 
  • Furniture and wood working 8% 
  • Chemical industry, plastic products 8% 
  • Building 7% 
  • Fashion, sportswear, and footwear 6% 
  • Paper and printing industry 3% 
  • Food industry 5% 
  • Wines and spirits 3% 
  • Tourism 2% 
  • transports 2% 
  • Healthcare 2% 
  • Cement, bricks, stone 2% 
  • Glass and ceramic 1% 
  • Mining 1%
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