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The Action Group, one of Ind ia’s Largest business house came into existence in the early 1970’s, under the aegis of Shri Mange Ram Aggarwal- a Leader, a Visionary and a Philanthropist.The Group began its operations by stepping into the footwear industry with Action Shoes which soon became a household selling name. Propelled by the spirit of constant growth and innovation, backed by commitment to excellence, the Group is today a multi-dimensional company with a strong presence in sectors as diverse as – Footwear, Electronics (Microtek), Real Estate, Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Coal Mining, MDF & Particle Board.

Anticipating future increased market demand for MDF, The Group diversified itself and laid its manufacturing MDF/HDHMR & Particle Board and their allied value added products namely Plain & Pre-laminated Particle Board, MDF Board, HDHMR Board, HDF Laminate Wooden Flooring, Embossed HDF, UV Coated Panel, Acrylic Hi Gloss Boards, HDHMR Doors under the brand name Action TESA. A combination of technical superiority combined with a wide range of designs spread across a rich palette make Action TESA products an ideal choice. 

Action TESA has the di stinction of installing India’s 1st and only 7th generation Contiroll from Seimpelkamp GmbH & Co., Germany. With this expansion Action TESA becomes the biggest MDF manufacturer in India having Annual Production Capacity of 4,00,000 CBM thus leaving no stone unturned in retaining No. 1 position in Panel Industry.Action TESA has many m ilestones to its credit. It has installed first thin MDF/HDF plant in India and is the largest company in Panel Industry of India. The company has also introduced in India DOME Technology unique to every product. It has the distinction of having installed first True HDF Based Laminate Wooden Flooring manufacturing facility in India. The company has to its credit introducing UV High Gloss Panel for the first time in India. 

Product Range 

1) Plain & Prelaminated Particle  Board 

2) Plain & Prelaminated  MDF Board 

3) Plain & Prelaminated  HDHMR Board  

4) Plain & Prelaminated  BOILO Board  

5)   HDF Laminated  Wooden Flooring (AC3, AC4, AC5 (Also available in Herringbone & FrenchBleed designs))  

6) Plain & Prelaminated  HDHMR Door  

7) High Gloss Panels (UV Boards & Acrylic Boards)  

8) Embossed HDF 

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