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23 Years of Concrete Knowledge

Concrete Trends has been servicing the concrete industry for over 23 years.  During this time, it has forged powerful partnerships with industry bodies around the world, the leading manufacturers and suppliers across the value chain, is an event partner to the top concrete and construcition events globally. 

Concrete Relationships

The relationships Concrete Trends has built with the concrete industry and the construction industry, for whom concrete is a lifeblood, coupled with the connections and relationships between the two industries forged through our publishing and networking, make Concrete Trends the mostcredible voice and supporter of the concrete industry.  

Concrete  News and Information

The platforms portray the best in the concrete industry: the best in mix formulations; the best in aggregate choices, the best in chemical additives and admixtures for every unique construction purpose. From onsite application to precast integration. Concrete Trends does the work that enables the most informed choices in on-site equipment, plants, ready-mix trucks, pumps, pipes, nozzles, bolts and connections, procedures and plans.  

Concrete Marketing 

Each edition covers the latest in production, design, innovation and challenges in the market. These topics are tied into ideal marketiing opportunities, using brand adverts, and re-purposable content marketing copy, which are then optimsed across our platforms and amplified through newsletters and social media. 

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