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Interplast produces high quality plastic pipes and fittings used in plumbing, heating, cooling and sewage systems, covering a wide range of applications in the construction field, major technical projects and industrial facilities.

Interplast is the market leader in plastic pipes for plumbing and heating and cooling systems in Greece and exports to 55 countries around the world.

Due to the company’s highly experienced staff and their constant motivation for creativity and innovation, the company has seen a dynamic and rapid expansion over the last years. An expansion that was neither fortuitous nor transitory.

Constantly orientated towards high-quality and technology, Interplast steadily managed to secure a place among the leading European plastic pipes manufacturers for plumbing, heating, cooling and sewage systems.

The company’s main goal is a full knowledge of the market, to follow the latest developments and carry out systematic research on new and improved products that meet the customers' needs.

Interplast is also highly active outside the area of Greece, exporting to 55 countries around the world. Quality, innovation, vision, and creativity render the company a leader in the field of plumbing, heating and air conditioning worldwide.

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